Meet Blaine, the captain of our family ship (hehehe - funny word). With a background in fixing planes, he shifted gears to become a yacht engineer on megayachts at the ripe age of 21. After the high seas, he opened Carmena Performance, crafting super speedy custom cars.

Now, on Tangaroa, Blaine's all about the engine room (or will be, once he's done with it). His plans? Solar power, a Cummins upgrade, more fuel, and maybe even a kite – yep, a kite!

Fun fact: Blaine's got dual citizenship from marrying Janis. Born in Baton Rouge, raised in St. Thomas, and imported to Victoria, he brings a mix of backgrounds to our family adventures.

FUN FACT: Blaine has an Airframe and Powerplant Diploma from Sparton School of Aeronautics in Tulsa OK.


Say hello to Janis, the heart and soul of the Carmena Family! Originally from Sudbury, Ontario, she ditched graduation day and headed straight to the West Coast for some serious adventures at Royal Roads Military College. Navy life wasn't her jam, so she made her way to UVIC, earning a degree in Education.

Fast forward to the year she graduated – tough times hit with the loss of her mom. In a bold move to honor her mom's dream, Janis set sail to make it a reality. Picture this: Australia, a 43' Hinckley, a custom 45' to Africa, Brazil, and cruising up to the Caribbean on a 187' Schooner. Pro sailor mode: activated. She continued her globetrotting as First Mate on a 123' sailboat and a 100' powerboat.

After five whirlwind years, she returned to Victoria, not just married but also expecting! Now, flash forward 18 years as a police officer in Saanich, BC, and guess what? Janis is back to the ocean – this time on her own family's boat!

FUN FACT: Janis helped her dad build a 36' Fiberglass Bruce Roberts Ketch while in high school and her dad sailed it to the Bahamas and lived on it for 14 years!

Josh (Joshua)

Alright, let's spill the tea on Josh – the real reason Blaine and Janis traded sea life for Victoria. But hey, it turned out to be a stellar move because Josh is an absolute blessing.

This high school grad is in the middle of figuring out the grand plan for his life. Despite rocking two SALTS adventures, sailing through the Great Bear Rainforest and cruising the West Coast of Vancouver Island, he's dropping the bomb – boating won't be his future jam.

No worries, though! Josh swings by Tangaroa for some quality family time, even making surprise cameos in our videos. Living his best life, doing his own thing, and guess what? We're bursting with pride for this dude!

FUN FACT: Josh is ranked in the top 100 in the world in the Korean videogame -

Izzie (Elizabeth)

Meet Izzie, the youngest and most spirited member of the Carmena Clan! Being the baby of the bunch, she didn't exactly choose the ocean life aboard Tangaroa, but guess what? After just a week, she declared her love for it.

With her water-loving heart, Izzie's already clocked time in the Abacos and Costa Rica, embracing her inner water baby. Boogie boarding, sandy drawings, and chatting with friends on her computer are her go-to activities. Oh, and she's jumped on board to help Blaine revamp our shiny new Cummins Engines!

Currently rocking her third year of high school, Izzie's pretty set on staying put in Canada with her friends, but we're scheming to change her mind. Stay tuned for updates!

FUN FACT: Izzie got her name from Grey's Anatomy - the name Elizabeth came after because Isabelle was too popular!


Allow us to introduce Miss Maggie, the adventure-loving Mexican street dog hailing from Puerto Vallarta. Janis and Blaine officially made her part of the family in 2019, adopting her from the PVSPCA.

Maggie's tale in Mexico is a mix of resilience and a dash of luck. Abandoned in the mountains with her two pups by a heartless owner, she managed to keep her little ones alive until a kind motorcyclist discovered them and guided them to the shelter. While her pups found new homes with Canadian families, Maggie lingered at the shelter until she caught Janis and Blaine's eyes.

If you watch our videos, you'll spot Maggie's distinctive ears – one up, one down, giving her an adorable look. She's the ultimate boatlife enthusiast and an excellent guard dog against those mischievous seals, or as we now call them, elephants (don't even mention the "seal" word around her)!

Surprisingly, Maggie isn't a fan of water, but every now and then, she takes an unintentional dip off the dinghy. However, she's yet to take an unplanned plunge off Tangaroa, and we're crossing our fingers it stays that way!

FUN FACT: Maggie only answered Spanish commands when we got her. She is now bilingual!