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Who Are We?

Who is the Carmena Family?

Hey everyone, we are Blaine and Janis and we have two kids, Josh and Izzie and a boat dog, Maggie. We met working on mega yachts - you know just like the show Below Decks and well it was love at first, second or maybe third sight. We were on watch together sailing from St. Thomas to Panama when sparks flew. 20 years and 2 kids later and we are back on the water but this time on our own boat!

In 2020 we purchased a 1969 Stephens Brothers aluminum boat with the vision of moving our family onboard and leaving for warmer climates. This is still the plan however she needs quite a bit of work and well we are kinda handy so we are doing it all ourselves.

Join us as we document our refit and our lives Onboard Tangaroa!

What is Tangaroa?

Tangaroa is an all aluminum Flush Deck Cruiser that was built in Stockton California by the Stephens Brothers Shipyard. She is only the second aluminum boat they built after being so successful with wood boats. She was commissioned for Mr and Mrs Kenneth Haynes and was launched on May 23, 1969. She is hull M-148.

Sometime after, a 13' extension was put on her changing her into a Flush Deck Cockpit Cruiser. Yes we were confused by all this also but we asked the experts in the Stephens Brothers Facebook Group. For more info on her click below!

What is the Wheelhouse?

The wheelhouse is a special place for all of our Patreons. It includes lots of goodies like the Ship's Log, Live Tracking, the infamous Tangaroa Tales Podcast, extra videos, bloopers and all of our equipment and project details.

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