AHOY There!

In the summer of 2025, we're saying goodbye to Victoria for a

big adventure:

the Great Siberian Sushi Run!

We're traveling from Victoria to Alaska, then through Siberia,

and finally reaching Japan.

But before we start this awesome journey, we need to get our old

1969 boat ready!

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Who Are We?

Hey, everyone!

We're Blaine and Janis, and we have two kids, Josh and Izzie, and our boat dog, Maggie. We first met while working on really big yachts, you know, just like the ones on the show Below Decks. Well, it was love at first, second, or maybe third sight. The spark happened when we were on watch together, sailing from St. Thomas to Panama.

Now, fast forward 20 years and two kids later, and we're back on the water, but this time on our very own boat!

In 2020, we bought a 1969 Stephens Brothers aluminum boat with a dream to move our family onboard and set sail for warmer places.

That's still the plan, but our boat needs quite a bit of fixing up. Luckily, we're pretty handy, so we're doing all the work ourselves.

Come along with us as we share the story of fixing up our boat and our lives Onboard Tangaroa!

What is Tangaroa?

Meet Tangaroa, an all-aluminum Flush Deck Cruiser crafted in Stockton, California, by the skilled hands of the Stephens Brothers Shipyard.

She holds the distinction of being only the second aluminum boat they created, following their remarkable success with wooden boats.

Her creation was a special commission for Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Haynes, and she set sail into the waters on May 23, 1969, proudly carrying the designation of hull M-148.

In a fascinating twist, a 13' extension was later added to transform her into a Flush Deck Cockpit Cruiser. We were a bit puzzled by this too, but we turned to the experts in the Stephens Brothers Facebook Group for clarification.

For more details about Tangaroa, click the link below!

Our Youtube Channel

You might think that every boat has a YouTube Channel, but it's a fantastic way to share our adventures and take people along with us on our journey.

Our channel captures the incredible renovation we're doing on Tangaroa, getting her all set for the Great Siberian Sushi Run, all while living on board with our daughter and dog. Then it will capture the actual journey and trust me not many boats do this route!

We'd love for you to subscribe and hit the bell button so you don't miss any of our videos. Plus, for those who want more content, we've got a Patreon Page with extra videos, blogs, and pictures, giving you a glimpse into what life is like onboard Tangaroa.

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